Nutritional Requirements - Resources

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Additional Useful Videos

Segment 1: What is nutrition?

What Is Nutrition? (2 mins 59 secs)

Segment 2: Dietary requirements

Healthy aging with nutrition (5 mins 43 secs)

Segment 3: Healthy eating

How to create a healthy plate (2 mins 45 secs)

Choose my plate - dietary guidelines (3 mins 2 secs)

Segment 4: The food pyramid

Food pyramid (4 mins 13 secs)

Segment 5: Life stages

Nutrition for different stages of life (3 mins 1 sec)

Healthy living preparing food for seniors (2 mins 58 secs)

Segment 6: Health impairment

Diet has big impact on healthy aging (4 mins 24 secs)

Healthy eating for heart disease and diabetes (27 mins 26 secs)

This is quite long but it covers all you need to know about healthy eating to help control diabetes, treat heart disease and hypertension

Gluten intolerance explained (8 mins 2 secs)

Is everybody lactose intolerant?  (6 mins 26 secs)

Understanding good allergies (2 mins 28 secs)

Segment 7: Diet and culture

TUPUNA KAI: A Māori diet based on what ancestors ate (5 mins 48 secs)

Understanding Halal food (includes Kosher foods) (7 mins 33 secs)

What is diet in Hinduism? (1 min 11 secs)

Difference between Vegans and Vegetarians (5 mins 11 secs)

Segment 8: Food preparation and aid with feeding

Pleasing platers for presentation for dysphagia residents  (5 mins 19 secs)

Supporting a person with dysphagia to eat (1 min 58 secs)