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  • Quality care training that is available 24/7,
  • Is flexible to your needs,
  • And creates consistent results
  • While saving you time and money

Facility/Site/Business Unit

This subscription is for 1 facility, site or business unit only.

Monthly Subscription Options:

  • 20 beds or less - NZ $52 + GST
  • 21 - 39 beds - NZ $72 + GST
  • 40 -59 beds - NZ $102 + GST
  • 60 + beds - NZ $125 + GST


This option is for individuals who wish to increase their own personal training. If the training is for a group then you require a Facility/Site/Business Unit subscription.

Monthly Subscription: NZ$27 + GST

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Here's What Some Of Our Clients Say...

Below are some of the comments from our clients…

“One Has Completed 21 Units!”

“We are using the training to cover most of our basic in service requirements. Staff do the training in their own time and we pay them on completion of each module by the length of the video in each. Currently 40% of staff have started and one has completed 21 units! All staff are expected to complete all modules over the space of 2 years.

Regards and thanks for an excellent service.”

Paul Liddy – St Clair Park Dunedin

“You Have Done An Excellent Job”

“I have sat and listened to pain management, nutrition and hydration and I have found them to be more than adequate for our needs. The simple language and content is very good and the worksheets should be easily achievable. I have printed off the worksheets ready and hope to start working through them with the staff from next week. You have done an excellent job.”


“What I Like About Care Training Online 
Is That It Saves Me A Lot Of Time”

“What I like about Care Training Online is that it saves me a lot of time. I now don’t have to source, prepare and provide the training as it is all there for me to facilitate. I find that it puts the onus on to the staff to be responsible for their own training which is fantastic.

Some staff like to do it on their own at home and bring the worksheets in for me to mark. Others want to do it in small groups. Either way it meets the needs of our facility.

It is simple to use so staff with limited computer knowledge are able to access it easily. I like the resources that are supplied to as it makes is a more rounded package of training. On top of this is is a very cost effective training solution for us.

I really like Care Training Online and would really recommend it to other facilities.”

Michelle Watson, Clinical Nurse Manager, Malyon House Te Puke

“It Is Great As The Staff Are Keen And 
Motivated To Do The Training”

“At present we are teaching our staff how to access care training online. Some caregivers are doing this during work time and some at home – they are working through the work sheets topic by topic. These are then being assessed by the RNs.

Once a work sheet is completed & assessed – we work out the approximate time to listen to all the material and complete the work sheet, the length of time is then put into the education database for each topic and each caregiver. It is great as the staff are keen and motivated to do the training.”

Bridget Webster, Little Sisters of the Poor Auckland

“We Are Looking Forward To Our 
Next Online Training Session”

“The recorded videos were really clear and easy to understand, the language you used was easily understood for the staff with English as their second language.

The work sheets really helped the staff to review and understand what they learnt from the videos.
The staff especially enjoyed the group discussions and used this time to clarify anything from the videos or worksheets that they didn't quite understand.

We are looking forward to our next online training session.”

Anne Maree Gardens comments after first training session

“I Could Work On My Own At My Own Pace”

“I have been working with people with disabilities for over 10 years now and I found the Care Training Online really beneficial as a refresher on knowledge. It has made me more aware of what I am doing now.
Others in my workplace also found it really good as a training tool and has made a difference to the care they give. Even those who have English as a second language could understand it very well and are now applying their new knowledge.

The things I liked about it was I could work on my own at my own pace, if I missed something I could go back and re-listen to it, and answering the questions, writing the answers down, really helped me to learn. I think it is great and am looking forward to doing more topics as they come on line.”

Angela – Caregiver

“A Great Tool For My Caregivers”

“I found Care Training Online very easy to use and the simple format means that caregivers even with limited computer skills, can access the topics and complete the work sheets with few if any problems. I think it is a great tool for my caregivers and RN’s new to New Zealand. Everything is explained clearly, in simple language that all my staff could understand.

It is also great for people with English as a second language as they can understand what is required of them in their work in New Zealand. It will undoubtedly enhance caregiving in my facility.”

S Kumari

“It's Saved Me From Reinventing A Few Wheels”

“I am currently using your education programme in a variety of ways…

* Am trialling the Hand Hygiene presentation as part of our orientation process for new staff

* Use a 10min segment of the programme to build a weekly half hour education session with a specific focus

* Can also use short segments as stand alone items at staff meetings

* Plan to have night staff access the programme to combat challenges of them attending daytime education

* Being able to adapt the certificates and make them more specific to our facility is great

* Also find the links to other sites and video clips very useful-love the “Break the Chain” infection control one-has big impact on our staff!

I find this programme very useful both in content and flexibility…plus it’s saved me from reinventing a few wheels"

Linda Dickey, Staff Educator, Cambridge Resthaven

“Cut The Cost Of Traveling For Trainings”

“We have now just completed our first session of online training on infection control. It has taken a while for us to get it up and running as we needed a laptop and to be able to put it on the tv as most of the staff wanted to do it as a group training monthly. Those staff that do not come to the monthly meetings/trainings then have the opportunity to use the laptop in their own time.

The infection control was quite long so we did it over two months, whereas the shorter topics will be done monthly. The topics are co-ordinated with our audit schedule/training plan where possible. Certainly helps to cut the cost of travelling for trainings and I no longer have to replace staff or myself if out of the area on trainings etc.”

Tracy, Nurse Manager, Maungaturoto Rest Home

“Our Organisation Finds It Very Helpful And Easy To Navigate”

"How is Care Training Online going? 
Great.  Our organisation finds it very helpful and easy to navigate and can engage with the modules.

What % of staff are now receiving training?
The majority of our staff are receiving training as it’s readily accessible during all shifts which is one of the highlights and means none of our staff have a excuse to say they cannot attend etc.

How do they run the training i..e. 1:1 small groups, individuals doing at home, individuals doing it at work etc?
A mixture of what you have mentioned.

Do they set a topic a month or is it done randomly? 
Not really a month but based on a set training priority as per our procedure manual."

Lila Vagana, Delamore Support Services Ltd

“All Positive Comments From Staff Members”

“The on-line training is going very well.  All positive comments from staff members.”

Dawn, Te Arahina

“Most Of Our Staff Are Involved In Each Topic”

“We continuously using care online training, most of our staff are involved in each topic, probably 90% off our clinical staff. They usually do it at home on their individual time due to their rotating shifts. Also a topic is posted on a monthly basis.”

Imee Carmella B.Saplagio, RN, Clinical Nurse Leader, Maupuia Lifecare

“Care Training Is Going Well”

"How is Care Training Online going?
Care Training is going well. Has been popular with staff – both RN and CG’s find it a good useful tool.

What % of staff are now receiving training? 
To date we have left it informal however over 70% of staff have undertaken some aspect of the training. One caregiver has now completed all modules – we are busy marking, and I am planning to have her as the Care Training Online Champion!

How do they run the training i..e. 1:1 small groups, individuals doing at home, individuals doing it at work etc?
 Most do it in their own time – or if work is quieter – e.g. night duty a/a
Do they set a topic a month or is it done randomly?

Holly Lea Village

“The Feedback Is Positive So Far”

“I organize a education session every second month and the topic is known before. I have 14 staff and the attendance is good. If a staff member is unable to attend, some have done it at home and answered the questions provided. The contents is good; we have 1 ¼ to 1 ½ time and we need all that time. We have been yet through most topics. I haven’t used it yet for the individual new staff member.

The feedback is positive so far.”

Elisabeth Heybrook, Methven House

“The Training Is Excellent”

“We have had 2 group trainings, and after that, quite a few staff had to re-visit in their own time, because they had not completed in time.  Some staff went on to do a couple of topics relating to them in their role.  The training is excellent and I personally love the level at which it is delivered.  However some staff found it to be a little bit advanced for them. Part time staff were able to complete around university timetables and they found that excellent.”

Rhonda, Westmar

“Flexible And Fits In Well With The Staffs’ Learning Needs”

“The online learning is flexible and fits in well with the staffs’ learning needs. The tests are appropriately complex i.e they are testing but not confusing and lots of staff have taken the opportunity to increase their knowledge.”

LondsdaleCare Centre & Riversdale Lodge, Levin

“I Am Very Happy With The Programme”

“I was really pleased with the care online training packages. The topics are relevant to our aged care setting. The workbooks and resources are informative, relevant and user friendly.
To date I am very happy with the programme.”

Carla Butler, Mountain View Retirement Home

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