What Our Clients Say

Below are some of the comments from our clients…

"The small monthly fee more than makes up for costs"

Since starting in January 2019 our % of staff actually completing training modules (compulsory annual/bi annual) has increased from 40% to 100%. The reason for this is they do not have to come on site to complete, they enjoy the option of in their own time.

This has saved us not only time but also money in the long run as in the past we have had to run a minimum of two sessions(not been 4 papers-only 1) to enable staff to come in and complete their training.

The small monthly fee more than makes up for costs on staff training. E.g. 15 staff doing 4 papers over 4 months, each at one hour per paper per session = approximately $1390. Cost online - 4 months fee $308 and $345 in wages = $653.

Anthea Kingi (Mrs), Village Manager, Edale Masonic Care


“It’s a great tool to use in educating staff, well worth the money."

"Having spent the last 3-4 years teaching Dementia Level 4 and Mental Health and Addiction Level 4, both online and in a classroom setting. I would like to congratulate you on how easy it is for both the caregiver and their employer to use Care Training Online. The caregivers benefit from a great source of education, which is easy to use and relevant to their jobs. Whilst as an employer I have a great resource and the ability to provide my staff with education without them having to leave the facility.

It’s a great tool to use in educating staff, well worth the money just from ease of use and availability to staff who may be working nights or weekends, no need to cover shifts or provide staff with transport. Excellent idea and great information."

Janene Whyte, Facility Manager, West Harbour Gardens


“Care Training Online has been the best investment I have ever made."

"I wished I had looked at it years ago when I had the opportunity.

While I am not that computer literate, I had no trouble getting onto the site, setting it up, getting the resources I needed and using the programme just so simple and easy to use.

It is so easy.  I sit down with my staff and play the training progamme stopping the training  when we have something to discuss, then I restart it.

There is no way I could have developed such in-depth training for my staff.  I don’t have the time to do it and my time is expensive and always being called to something urgent that needs my attention.

My staff enjoyed it to and even after the first session the staff are enthused and want to know if they can do more on their own at home.  They also loved the opportunity to discuss not only the topic but different clients as well.

It is also cost effective too.  A single monthly fee enables me to ensure my staff get great training and I know what I have to spend each year on it and what more I can plan ahead.

There are so many topics to choose from and I know there is more coming.  Care Training Online the perfect solution to my training."

Jacqui de Ruiter, Northanjer Rest Home


"Staff completing the papers have a thorough knowledge of the topic and can then give better quality care.”

"As the Clinical Manager of Lexall Care Rest Home and Private Hospital for the last 17 years I have spent many, many hours writing or updating education sessions and then presenting them to staff. Over this time policy and Auditors have requested more and more topics be introduced to the education schedule to improve the quality of care which is good practice, but it has only increased my workload.

Then in early 2016 we moved to the Care Training Online programme and it has really taken the pressure off. Not only does Care Training Online cover an ever-increasing range of topics, each session is detailed enough to ensure the staff completing the papers have a thorough knowledge of the topic and can then give better quality care.

Some of the benefits we have found by using this system are:

  1. Time saved sourcing the most up to date information and creating the education material.
  2. Savings on resources i.e. printing costs, as most staff download, complete and return the material electronically (Some staff still have the material printed out so they can work on a hard copy, but this is minimal).
  3. Savings on staff time – To have staff attend education on their day off costs at the very least cost $12.80 an hour and most staff don’t really want to or unable to attend in their own time. With Care Training Online I set the papers for the month and staff can then do the papers at their convenience either at home or after their work hours in the Facility, they get $10 per paper so I save $2.80 per person.
  4. It is cheaper to for us to use this system than to pay for specialized educators to come into the Facility. We get all this specialised knowledge at such a reasonable monthly rate.
  5. There are 44 different education topics/papers to choose from. Some have a worksheet or multi-choice papers and others have an Assessment to be completed and you can choose which one best suits your staffs learning styles i.e. either multi-choice or Assessment or both if you really want to drive the point home.
  6. Different education packages can be sorted for different roles i.e. Role of a Support worker – which covers not only the support workers role but code of conduct, residents’ rights and other basic information that give staff a good grounding into age care.
  7. Staff have access to the Care Training online website, or the papers downloaded on our website, so they can choose to do extra papers or self- directed learning on any topic they want. Some staff, especially RN’s use this
  8. to up skill faster and obtain a higher level of education if they are new to aged care.
  9. Once staff have completed the papers and they have been checked they are uploaded onto their online file so they always have access to them and can refer back to the education sheet at any time.
  10. Care Training Online is always being added to and covers the most relevant and up to date information to Aged Care at any given time.

Thank you for all support while using this programme."

Jeannine Keats Clinical Manager Lexall Care Auckland


“I love how you cover everything."

"I currently work at St Clair Park and have for over 6 years. I also work at Waikari Hospital for the Southern DHB.

The online training has been absolutely great to be honest. I found all the different topics and segments expanded out and broken down was great! I have completed 21 papers of them and still have them for refreshments if needed.

I love how you cover everything and to be honest I feel that if all caregivers did these assessments and really educated themselves with these assessments people would have a totally different aspect of caregiving and really be more knowledgeable with all the topics that you cover.

I found the videos great and basic and straight forward. Also, the voice recordings were enjoyable to listen and to they weren’t boring and “drowny” like some documentaries! I really have enjoyed it all!"

Nicole Laider, Caregiver Dunedin


“It is very easy to use, and it saves us a lot of time and money.”

"We have been using Care Training Online since 2017. It is an excellent tool to provide the staff with the theoretical aspect of their daily care for the residents. It is very easy to use, and it saves us a lot of time and money. The training is very broad which includes all departments of a rest home setting including laundry, kitchen, & medication administration procedures. The staff are continuously trained throughout the year and the advantage of an online training structure is that all staff complete the training even when absent from work."

Lidija Brence, Managing Director, Lexham Gardens Auckland


“I cannot believe how much time and money it has saved me."

"Care Training Online was already in use at Whangaroa Health when I took over as Clinical Services Manager. I cannot believe how much time and money it has saved me. On top of that I have a much better staff capture rate for training. They can drive this themselves, arrange group times if they want and it gives them an adult degree of autonomy. This results in much better compliance. I would highly recommend Care Training Online as a training programme for Care staff."

Cath Toomey RN Clinical Services Manager Whangaroa Health Services, Far North