Why Students Forget 70% Of What
They Learned Within 24 Hours

Have you heard of the forgetting curve? Have you perhaps experienced it?

You know what I mean. You attend a fantastic training session or workshop, leave all fired up with what you want to do with the new information...

And then BINGO you hit the reality of work and suddenly you have forgotten everything you wanted to implement.

Research tells us that on average students forget 70% of what they learned within 24 hours of the course.

This article is extremely interesting and got me thinking about what we can do to help people remember rather than forget what they have learned.

There will be things that may not necessarily be important to you or the student but as a manager or educator you want to make sure you get the best bang for the buck you’ve spent.

Well don’t you? I know I do. So how can this work or what can we do at Clinical Update and Care Training Online?

For those of you who are using Care Training Online, why don’t you give your students a retest of the worksheet after they have done the topic or segment to see what they have learned?

Another option may be for you to devise a quick quiz for them to do 24 hours after the topic. Or give them their certificate to write down what they have learned.

In the future we are going to be devising brief online quizzes to go with each Care Training Online topic but until this happens, use what resources that are currently available to you.

I have been thinking about how we can help retention learning with Clinical Updates as well. What can we do to stem the forgetting curve?

I will be discussing it with our trainers but in the meantime, before we go to each break, I will get you to write down the main points you got from each 2 hour (approx.) session.

Now it may be that I can get the trainers to put together a quick quiz at the end of each 2 hour block.

However, my goal is that every caregiver (including registered and enrolled nurses as well as caregivers) will be the best you can be.

This also means helping you use the knowledge you receive in a constructive way that provides the best care you can give and to feel empowered personally with your new or revisited knowledge.

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